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The professional crew at McNee Productions blends into any corporate environment or remote location. Each person wears many hats in the production process, giving your company a quality product in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

We hold numerous safety certifications and also carry international insurance, critical for oversea shoots. No matter the location, we’ll be there.

Tony Walker
Tony joined McNee Productions with 12 years experience in the television broadcast industry. Tony brings an extensive knowledge of production related to producing, videography, and editing. He skillfully manages our long-term projects from concept to completion, but can help your company with any step in the process.

Tom Vicknair
Tom has been part of the McNee crew for nearly a decade, handling the technical aspects of each project. He credits his background in the film industry for the knowledge he uses to expertly select and supervise the proper equipment for each shoot. His keen eye for shooting and lighting helps to create a successful product for your company.

Editor & Graphic Design

Vic Graff
Marketing Director
For more than fifteen years, with his warm smile and friendly demeanor, Vic has introduced new clients to the services of McNee Productions. He serves as the liaison between client and crew, updating them on emerging technology and helping them find creative solutions to best serve their needs.

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